Goals for 2021

Starting off the new year I never make resolutions like most people do. I see how harmful it can be to make them and “fall off the horse” and for me personally it just creates a bad situation for me. I never follow through, I get sad, I get depressed, and I end up even further from my goal then if I were to just naturally try to go for what I want.

Anywho, I’m not making resolutions. I want to make a couple of goals for this year. I do believe that in order to achieve what you want you need to make goals and create a pathway or baby steps to get to those goals. SO just a few hours ago I purchased my first laptop. One of my biggest goals this year to post on here often and to just write. Postpartum depression has been in the forefront of my mind and I need to do everything I can to prevent that. Tyler even mentioned something the other day about how I need a hobby….because since having Ryder the only thing I do is nurse, watch drama tv, drink coffee and go on walks.

Bake more. I loved it so much that I made it my career. With the pandemic and just everything in the world right now I just do not see myself going back to work anytime soon. Leaving my sweet baby boy with someone and not knowing who else will be around him?! I just can’t! I 100% can already see myself being a helicopter mom and I am here for every second of it.

Before I stopped posting before I did make the next two cakes in the book, but I don’t think I took pictures and I know I never wrote a post or notes to even write a post on them. So I will be remaking those recipes. Let’s try to finish this book by the end of this year! What do you think?

I also want to vlog a little. Whenever I am baking or experimenting or doing a project I would love to record it and post it. I have had a lot of people tell me to post my time lapses on YouTube, so I plan on doing that. Please pray that I do not make it too cringy, even though everyone thinks that their own voice/vlogs are cringe.

Cookies! Ryders first birthday is going to be in October and I want to make dinosaur cookies to match the theme but I need to make sure that I am good at it before hand! I don’t want to make them and not be happy with the work that I am going to be putting out, ya know?

Now that I have put all of this out I have to do it. right? Right!