20- Chocolate Coconut Cake

Wow. Time has flown by! I started baking cakes again but never slowed down enough to write a single post. Then….life hit. And it hit hard.

The past couple of months of work and stress and lack of sleep finally hit me. I was tired, depressed, stressed, anxious, sad, and in need of a break and some change. It was perfect timing that my mom, sister and I had a trip planned to go to California to go to a cake demo and book signing for Tessa Huff! Perfect timing for a break. Perfect timing to clear my mind. Perfect timing with a new job presenting itself and for me to leave my current job. Well, it wasn’t perfect timing for me to leave my current job but there would never be a good time; so no time like the present.

All that aside, I haven’t been in the mental place to sit and write down thoughts even if they were just about cake. I was so sad. BUT I am getting better and taking it slower. We will get back on track!

Now, onto the cake. This is the last cake in the “Chocolate Cake” section and it caught me by surprise. Now, it wasn’t gluten free but it was a “free from” cake and I really enjoyed the change of pace with ingredients. I also have to mention this caramel before we go any further and say that it was AMAZING! My fiance was eating spoonfuls! My sister and mom were eating spoonfuls! And it’s even cooler that they could since they are plant based/vegan.

Now, let’s break down this cake:

Eggless Chocolate Cake

  • This cake was so beautiful and simple to make!
  • The one bowl method will always have a place in my heart! Especially when it doesn’t include the stand mixer bowl, so you can save that for the buttercream/frosting.
  • I love the addition of spice, it’s barely there but it just adds a little something.
  • This cake came out super moist, thanks to the coconut oil!

Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting

  • This frosting came out so smooth and fluffy! Perfect addition to add a white background for the coconut flakes, and to balance out the sweetness from the cake.
  • The cream cheese cuts the sweetness from everything else to add another layer of flavor and dimension.
  • Very easy to whip together!

Coconut Caramel Glaze

  • This caramel is a winner! I will 100% be making this again.
  • My family could not stop eating this caramel!
  • So smooth and silky and the perfect balance of everything!
  • My fiance said that he actually prefers this caramel over any other he has had, and he is anti-vegan.

Overall, I would recommend making this cake whether you want an easy to make cake or something to steal the show!

Save the caramel for drizzling over the top for when you want to “wow” someone. The shots of me with the caramel during this “photo shoot” are my absolute favorite!