19- London Fog Cake

Oh boy….where do I begin?

I thought starting this blog was hard. Getting the ball rolling and getting into a groove, feeling comfortable writing down words that I’m putting into the world, writing to where other people would understand what I am trying to say! It wasn’t easy, but I think getting back into it has been its own kind of challenge.

So where have I been? The owner of the restaurant I work for opened up a bakery attached to the restaurant and has made me a lead. With that being said….we were and are very short staffed. The first week we were opened I clocked out with 99.5 hours. In a week, not pay period….A WEEK! Now, I’ve put in those hours before but never at one restaurant and condensed so closely towards the end of the week.

After the first week it got better but up until last week I was still working somewhere around 60 hours. I was basically a zombie. The stress that came with it was also difficult for me. Moving into a new position and doing more then I ever have before and answering more questions in an hour then I used to in a week! For the first two weeks I don’t think there was an hour where my name wasn’t being called and a question followed.

But that’s behind us for now! (There are plans for more openings this year!)

Onto the cake!

This was probably the first cake of Tessa’s that I had ever heard about. Jeremiah, from https://www.instagram.com/jeremiahbakes/p/BgcP3oSnBiV/on Instagram and from my favorite baking podcast Flour Hour, made this cake and raved about it! Ever since then I knew I had to make it.

At the brunch place I worked at before my current job we made cookies almost daily, where the flavors were always changing. One of the all time favorites was an earl grey snickerdoodle, yum! And now that I’ve made this cake and tasted the buttercream with the salted caramel sauce it has my mind spinning from all the ways I could incorporate this combo together.

I’ve talked enough, let’s break down this cake!

Classic Chocolate Cake

  • As always, this is a go to and always good chocolate cake!
  • My coffee maker is broken, so I substituted with instant coffee from Starbucks and it did not let me down! Still gave me some great flavor and aroma. So that could possibly be a handy shortcut in the future.

Earl Grey Buttercream

  • Swiss meringue buttercream! Am I a broken record yet? I might be, but it’s the truth. This fluffy buttercream is a fantastic staple to add to your baking arsenal.
  • I adore the way she infused the tea into this buttercream! It’s the exact way that I used to infuse my butter for the snickerdoodles I talked about before.
  • The flavor really came through! The aroma was fantastic! And the speckles in the finished product makes it a little different in appearance, which I loved!

Salted Caramel Sauce

  • I actually already had some of this in my fridge from making it for my fiancé for his morning coffee, so I just added some more cream and it was perfect!
  • Even with the addition of more cream, that I added to mine, it still seems to be thicker then what the picture shows from the book. But chunkier drips on a cake?! I’m not mad about it….nope, not at all!

Getting back into my kitchen after this sudden break has been so nice! I can’t even begin to describe the joy that this project/challenge has brought me. I wasn’t expecting to have to take this break, but coming back has really showed me how much I enjoy baking in my home and for fun instead of necessity.

Thank you for the support!

I keep making jokes that the only person that reads my blog is my mom, but in reality there are more of you and that is truly the best and biggest blessing! I just hope to be able to talk to y’all and hopefully inspire you to have fun and bake just like Tessa inspired me.