15- Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Crunch Cake

Wow. I did not expect to take a break or not meet my own deadlines this quickly in the year. I apologize for that. I don’t know who is reading this; probably just my mom, best friend, and mother-in-law. But, I really did want to keep up with my schedule. I guess I will just need to double time to get back on track and get back ahead of schedule.

My life has begun to get crazier and crazier! The restaurant I work at is opening a bakery right next door and its beginning to get real and really difficult. Through my few years of working as an adult person I have gone through a lot of ups and downs; I have come to realize that the downs teach me a lot and that is how I have slowly become the person I am. The “growing pains” or the “learning curves” tend to be worth it in the end, every single time!

Now….onto the cake! While I was at family dinner a couple of weeks ago I had my book, Layered, and my Ipad because I was writing a post. As I was writing my family was looking through the book and calling dibs on certain cakes they wanted. This was one that lined up perfectly for one of my sister-in-laws nieces birthday, so she got dibs!

On a side note, I feel like no one thought that I would start this challenge. Or that I would start and only make it a couple of cakes. BUT I am enjoying this more then I even thought I would and I’m currently looking at my next possible book. So thank you to the wonderful random, beautiful people that are reading this.

Back to the cake! Nutella. Who doesn’t love Nutella?!?! The last restaurant I worked at bought this stuff by the bucket! We went through so much, because people do love this delicious spread soooo much!

So let’s get into the cake details:

Small Classic Chocolate Cake

  • This is the same, beautiful cake that we have made on and off throughout this book!
  • I think this recipe is the perfect choice for this cake!
  • If it were up to me I would have not added the almond extract to this certain batch. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t try this fully assembled. Off of just thought I think that the almond might be a little off with the rest of the flavors going on. The chocolate with the praline with the hazelnut with the ganache. But then again, Tessa is a genus and she knows what she is talking about

Hazelnut Praline Buttercream

  • You remember that one time I said I am going to follow every recipe as best I can? I tried. I could NOT find the hazelnut praline paste that was supposed to be used for this part of this recipe.
  • With that said, I loved how this part of the recipe came out! SMB, if you have realized anything about these posts yet it is how much I love buttercream!
  • Since I didn’t have the paste that this recipe called for, what did I use?! Well, the birthday girl that this cake was for LOVES Nutella so I just used that. It came out really yummy!

Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge Frosting

  • This frosting tasted so good!
  • When I made it, things ended up coming up to where I couldn’t ice the cake right then. So it did harden/thicken up. I had to add more liquid then the recipe called for, but after doing that it totally came together and worked perfectly!
  • This iced the cake so perfectly and smoothly and was a great chocolate/hazelnutty addition to make this cake what it was mean to be.

Overall, this was a great cake to make and from what I hear great to taste. I love the idea, the recipes, and the execution you get with the steps and ingredients. 10/10, if you are a Nutella lover you NEED to make this!