14- Chocolate Matcha Cake

Tessa writes about her time in Tokyo right when she started pastry as her profession and how she was always looking for inspiration and ideas for new recipes. She says that Japanese desserts are in a category all on their own and how excited she was to see what she could take from what they did into her own baking. She then goes on to talk about how she knew about green tea, but that matcha was new and exciting!

I have to say, after reading through all of the recipes in this book this one was not on the top of the list. And it’s not its own fault! It’s mine. I don’t like tea. Not.a.fan. Herbal tea? Nope. Sweet tea? Nope. Green tea? Nope. Black tea? Nope. The only way I have been able to drink tea and enjoy it is when it’s 75% lemonade, so that doesn’t even count…. does it?

With that said, I put my differences with tea aside for this cake and wanted to make the most beautiful cake ever! Sadly, in my eyes that didn’t happen. Through home life and my own rushing of things this cake didn’t get the love it deserved. Bailey (my puppy) got fixed yesterday while I was making the cake. I tried doing all of the pipe work after she got home but it wasn’t easy! She’s a cuddler and also my little baby…and she needed her mommy!

Let’s get into this recipe. Piece by piece:

Classic Chocolate Cake

  • We’ve made this beautiful recipe many times before! I’m actually surprised I don’t know it by heart yet!
  • Nonetheless, it’s a keeper! Beautiful crumb, bake, and batter.
  • This is the one with coffee and almond extract added to it. So if you remember, I love it!

Matcha Cake

  • I’m gonna start by saying that I would like to try this again before giving a final review of this cake. But the first go at it wasn’t great.
  • The batter was so silky and smooth, but it was also REALLY thick. Which kind of made me hesitant to start with.
  • If you love matcha I think you will love this cake. It has a wonderful aroma of the tea and was the perfect amount, in my opinion.
  • The crumb was very dry! As I was handling the cake it just kept falling apart. Getting them out of the pans, transferring to my turntable to trim, while trimming, and transferring every time after that as well.
  • If I were to make a matcha cake for someone I think that Tessa’s white chocolate cake with the addition of matcha powder would be fantastic! But, I haven’t tried it so don’t quote me on that.

Matcha Ganache

  • I believe it was the last post, 13- Peanut Porter Cake, where I talked about how easy and transformative a Ganache can be for a cake. And this Ganache is just the same.
  • The addition of the white chocolate to break up the amount of buttercream that is on the outside, instead of just filling with buttercream, was brilliant!
  • I tasted this part and it seemed to me to be the perfect amount of tea for the Ganache!

Swiss Meringue Buttercream

  • As always, Tessa’s smb recipe is GOLD!

Overall, I’m glad I made this cake and pushed myself to try to make something I “didn’t feel like” making. I would make this again for someone if they requested it, but I might make some changes.

Also, god bless gift baskets from random events with Sysco. Thankfully I already had a jar of matcha powder in my cupboard. So, thank you Sysco!