13- Peanut Porter Cake

This cake made me so happy! Between the person I was making it for, memories of making something similar, and reading Tessa’s short story before the recipe. I just loved it!

Tessa writes about how she usually baked a Lemon Carrot Cake for her brother for his birthday, but she decided to change it up one year with this beauty. Just like Tessa I usually get a request to make a carrot cake of some sort for my brothers birthday, two different brothers actually. Then I have my third brother that hates cake! Well, hated until I found a recipe for cupcakes that were so similar to this cake!

For my brothers wedding I made a cupcake tower with two different flavors; one for my brother and one for his bride. Strawberry lemonade and boozy chocolate cupcakes. The chocolate cake was made in the same manner as this one, in a pot with a dark beer. I used Arrogant Bastard for the cupcake, chocolate and Kahlúa ganache in the center, and a Kahlúa buttercream (American buttercream base). So Zach, I thought of you while making this cake.

Let’s get into the wonder of this cake!

Porter Chocolate Cake

  • This cake had the same mixing method as the 12- Mocha Spice Cake. You mix by hand in a pot, on the stove. And I love it! Just means that you don’t have to clean your mixing bowl before making your buttercream.
  • This recipe used the perfect amount of beer! Almost a whole bottle, but just enough left over for my fiancé to have a couple sips.
  • Soft, moist crumb, and baked perfect in the time stated in the book.

Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Frosting

  • Okay you guys! You have to make this frosting!
  • Creamy, luscious, and so peanut buttery. I ate my fair share of this frosting.
  • So easy to whip up!
  • According to the girl that bought this cake for her coworkers, this was the best component of the whole cake.

Maple Peanut Brittle

  • I would recommend using a candy thermometer. I didn’t have one and thought I could wing it, but with brown sugar instead of plain granulated sugar that makes its little more difficult to see when it’s ready.
  • I made it to start off with and let it set overnight and it didn’t fully set. SO I peeled it off of the silicone mat and put it back on the heat. I started at a low heat to fully melt it all back to a liquid form and then proceed with the process. It came out just fine!
  • When it was done and set it tasted like a cross between peanut brittle and a payday, and I am obsessed!

Whiskey Chocolate Ganache

  • This ganache, like most are very simple to make but can totally transform a cake!
  • The addition of whiskey makes this more “adult”, but if you do have kids that are going to consume this you can always add the whiskey to the cream to cook it out some.

Overall, I would highly recommend making this cake! If you want to make only part of this cake I would say the frosting is the first thing you should try! I mean…..it was really good!