12- Mocha Spice Cake

Unrelated to this cake, I just wanted to say thank you for all the love on the 11- Ultimate Candy Bar Cake! I am trying to sell any and all of the cakes I am making so that it doesn’t go to waste and also to cover the cost of making so many cakes!With that said, so many people were wanting a slice of this cake! It’s crazy

Onto the mocha spice. This cake came out beautiful! The pictures just don’t do it justice. Tessa definitely did better with her spirals down the side of the cake, but I did my best with the circumstances I had going on. (If you have been following my migraines and jaw have been acting up and it’s been putting a damper on my world, but we will survive!)

This cake was so fun and easy to make. I’ll get more into it later, but the mixing method for the cake was different than any of the other cakes in this book thus far and I enjoyed the change of pace.

I also loved the variety of spices in this recipe. I feel like….in America we get stuck in a cycle of using a lot of the same spices again and again. Anytime I see a “spice cake” and I ask what it’s spiced with it’s usually just cinnamon. And pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie spice. We have lost a certain kind of…..creativity. I don’t have pumpkin pie spice or most premade spice blends in my house for this reason. Basically, I’m asking y’all to jump out of your comfort zone and also thanking Tessa for using an array of spices.

Annnnnd into the breakdown of the cake!

Mocha Spice Cake

  • The mixing method of this cake, I love! You mix it in a pot by hand instead of in a bowl of a stand mixer.
  • There was a lot of spice in this cake! Like smelling this cake as it came out of the oven, it scared me. I loved the smell! Don’t get me wrong, but it was strong and made me hesitant as to what it might taste like.
  • It came out so moist! So soft! I wanted to cheat and taste some of it after my brother wouldn’t stop eating the trimmings.
  • This cake did dome, but in a good way. It was a small dome, so just enough to have a snack and a little taste test.

Cardamom Coffee Strup

  • Very easy to make!
  • I didn’t have, nor could I find, whole cardamom pods so I just used 1 1/2 teaspoons of ground cardamom and I think it came out wonderful!

Cardamom Coffee Buttercream

  • This is Swiss meringue buttercream! So like….what’s not to love?!
  • The addition of coffee and spice made this the perfect pairing for the rest of the cake!
  • I did use instant coffee from Starbucks instead of shots of espresso because that’s what I had on hand and it came out just fine!

Overall this was a beautiful, wonderful and simple cake to make. If you love coffee, you’ll love this cake. And I’m sure it will come out just as beautiful if you substitute the coffee in the syrup with water and leave out the coffee in the buttercream; if you aren’t a fan of coffee! I’m sure it would taste fantastic no matter what direction you take with this recipe.

Happy baking!