11- Ultimate Candy Bar Cake

Ultimate. Candy. Bar. Cake?!?!

We have made it past the first section of the book and made it to the chocolate cake section! Be ready for a lot of sugar!

There was a lot of freedom with this cake! Tessa suggested to use whatever chocolate candy bar your heart desires on the inside and outside! Someone bought this cake, so after talking to them about what candy they enjoy we decided on snickers bars! Yum!

Why I have never thought about making a cake like this is beyond me! The best of all worlds. Chocolate, candy bars, marshmallow frosting, Swiss meringue buttercream, caramel, and ganache?! I apologize for all of the exclamation points, excitement and yelling but I just can’t help how much I love the concept of this cake!

While making this cake I was still dealing with the migraine from the Brooklyn Blackout Cake, so the process of this cake was slow. Thankfully with cakes like this you can do little steps at a time and make/build in steps.

Let’s get down to it!

Classic Chocolate Cake

  • We have made this cake before and it came out just as good and just as moist as before!
  • This would be a great go-to chocolate cake recipe as it is simple, easy and reliable. Not mention, you should have most of these things on hand. (There is grape seed oil as the fat, which I didn’t have on hand before this recipe. But I’m sure you could use any mild flavored oil)

Caramel-Marshmallow Filling

  • Swiss meringue buttercream! LOVE
  • The addition of marshmallow cream changes the texture of the buttercream, especially when cold. That might sound like a bad thing since I love the texture of SMB so much, but it’s not!
  • The caramel adds to the snickers goodness that I added to the center. Plus, who doesn’t love caramel?!

Chocolate Ganache Frosting

  • Ganache is one of those things, I think, that people are intimidated to make. But you shouldn’t be! It’s as easy as two ingredients!
  • I love that this was the frosting for this cake, it almost imitates the chocolate coating of a candy bar! Which is probably what Tessa was going for.

Over all, I would make this cake again! I would recommend making this cake to everyone! There is so much you could do with the idea of this. A chocolate peanut butter cake, and instead of caramel you could add peanut butter to the filling. Maybe I’m just craving a Reese’s blizzard. Yep, that’s it!