07- Lemon Supreme Cake

Lemon cake of any kind is a friend of mine. I have to say, this is the first cake that I am legit sad that I can’t have a slice of! Lemon plus sugar?! It’s everything I love in a dessert.

In the description of this cake, Tessa writes about her grandmother and how much she loves lemon desserts. Now, I don’t remember a lot about my grandma but do remember how much she loved desserts in general. That’s something we had in common; ice cream, cupcakes, candy, more candy!

This cake was so much fun for me to make. With the schedule I had on this specific day I knew I would have time to enjoy it as well. I got up before the sun, 5 am and started baking right away. I made the curd, then the cakes, followed with the simple syrup, and finished off with the Swiss meringue buttercream. I took a short break to take my dad to the doctor and was back home to start building the cake by 1 in the afternoon. Layering the buttercream with the curd and the cake was so simple, especially if you follow her easy steps! If you aren’t knowledgeable on how to stack cakes with curds or jams in the center I would recommend watching a YouTube video or two, because it can be tricky! Practice makes perfect, and everyone makes mistakes every now and again, keep this in mind!

Now, let’s get to business:

Lemon curd

I want to start with a short story; at the last place I worked we made a lemon curd that was so good we would eat small spoon fulls of it! Thick and creamy and luscious and sweet but also had a tartness that made your jaw clinch. It.was.good! But since leaving that job I haven’t made said lemon curd, just because it was a very special recipe to that chef and he had spent a lot of time perfecting that curd and I wouldn’t want to hold onto something that wasn’t mine. Nonetheless, I miss it.

  • Everything I wrote up there, rings true to this curd as well. Sweet but tart, thick but creamy. And so yummy!
  • The instructions are very clearly written in the book, which is really nice.
  • While the steps are very clear, I do think that some people might be intimidated by making this recipe. For those of you that are afraid, 1 know that you aren’t alone and 2 there are a couple of brands at the store that are really good!

Light Lemon Cake

  • In this recipe she has you zest the lemons into the sugar and rub it together to bring out the oils in the zest. I love this step! Some people might skip it, but I recommend not skipping it.
  • Super fragrant batter and even more fragrant while in the oven baking.
  • I ended with a super moist, soft cake, with a tight crumb (which I prefer when stacking cakes)
  • Once again, buttermilk was added to this batter and y’all know just how much I love that.

Lemon Simple Syrup

  • Syrups like this are usually really easy to make and this was no exception.
  • Soaking your cakes will just ensure that they are moist. When stacking cakes I like to soak both sides of the layer.
  • When you encase cakes in buttercream you are also trapping in whatever moisture is inside the cake, and soaking liquids just add a little more moisture. This is really good for cakes with a tight crumb like this lemon cake recipe.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream

  • No words. Y’all know my love affair with buttercream, especially when it’s a Swiss meringue.

Overall I really loved making this cake! I was surprised that this is the first cake we have used a soaking liquid in, through the book. Putting on the pearls was so incredibly relaxing! When I have the time to do more tedious things like this and not be rushed, it honestly makes my heart so happy.

Thank you for reading and for all the support so far! It means the world to me and I really just can’t wait for what is to come.