06- Boston Cream Pie

Boston cream pie. Boston cream doughnuts. Boston cream cookies. Boston cream cake. Boston cream pie cake?! Personally I’ve never been a fan. I mean, what’s the fun when there is no sprinkles involved? With my own preference aside, my best friend could not hold back her excitement when she heard that I was making this cake! Which just goes to show that everyone is different.

This cake was a joy to make! I enjoyed how I already had everything on hand and it was one of those recipes that I know I could make with my niece or my cousins little girl.

Break it down now y’all:

Vanilla Pastry Cream

  • I have made a lot of pastry through the years, and this has been the best recipe I have made thus far!
  • Like everything with this cake, it was very simple to make!
  • Great flavor; not to eggy, not to buttery, not chalky, not to sweet.
  • Thick! I’ve made so many recipes where you don’t know if it’s cooked enough or not before cooling it. And it will either come out to thin or to thick, but this came out perfect!

Buttermilk Cake

  • The last cake also had buttermilk and I went on then about how much I loved the addition of buttermilk, same thing here. The buttermilk adds so much flavor with a simple replacement.
  • This batter was THICK! I had to spread it in the pan with my finger, but you could use a spoon if you wish.
  • The crust was beautiful! The crumb was beautiful!

Silky Chocolate Icing

  • I can’t lie….I ate a lot of this icing before even putting it on the cake, and I’m not sorry about it!
  • Next time I would make a half batch. The whole batch made enough to ice the cake, feed me a few spoons, and have about 1/4 batch left over.
  • If you made this fresh, when it was still warm, this would be delicious over vanilla bean ice cream!
  • Make sure to sift your sugar! I skipped this step through laziness and I regretted it!

Overall, I loved making this cake! I want to make it with my niece while she is in Arizona over summer break, I really think she would love it.