02- Happy Birthday!!!

No, it’s not my birthday…it’s the title of this recipe! And on my birthday, if I were a cake person, I would totally want this cake!

It was honestly so fun to make. Easy, straight forward and I got to use sprinkles….like what more would you want when making a cake?

Prior to her recipes, Tessa writes a little background on each one. Here’s a bit of her story on this cake. “Imagine an heirloom tin full of recipe cards that have been passed down from generation to generation. Filed under “Desserts,” there is a batter-splattered card that is well worn and loved. This card has been used for dozens of birthdays and simple celebrations, although the recipe itself is probably already committed to memory. I personally don’t have such a recipe box”. You know, in a way I can relate. Yes, I have wonderful things passed down to me from my mom. And I know my grandmothers were fantastic bakers, but their recipes are lost to me.

I am inspired by Tessa! She went on to write that this recipe she wants passed down, this is the start to her own tin! It is a beautiful recipe!

So. Let’s break this down.

The Cake

  • I know I said this before, but this batter was just so beautiful! Creamy, golden, and luscious with the addition of just egg yolks.
  • It filled the whole house with that sweet scent you want it to be filled with when you’re having company over.
  • It smelled even better while working with it; cutting and stacking it.
  • It was so soft and moist. Nothing is worse then a dry cake, am I right?!
  • So incredibly simple!

Fudge Frosting

  • Fudge. Frosting. Need I say more??
  • So. Easy. To make. Which seems to be a recurring theme here.
  • Smooth! And SO creamy!
  • It reminded me of my childhood. When I would make buttercream as a kid, American buttercream was all I knew. It’s what my mom taught me! (Hi mom! Ily)
  • Pro tip: I would recommend making the buttercream fresh for icing this cake. I made it the night before and stuck it in the fridge, and while I worked my magic to bring it back to the fluffy icing it was the night before I had to add more heavy cream to really bring it back to its glory.


  • I would make this cake again for someone’s birthday or if I just have an itch for baking and decorating a cake.
  • I got to use sprinkles! The recipe even recommended it!