New year, new me?

What a cliche….right?!?!

With the holiday season over and the new year starting I wanted to take a look back on this last year.

I made a lot of cakes. And I was SO bad at taking pictures and capturing the work I did.

I didn’t bake for me….like at all. I made ordered cakes for birthdays, graduations, a wedding, and so many other events. But baking started out as something for ME. Well, me to enjoy the process and my siblings to enjoy the end result. And that is where this whole project came to be. Baking for me again!

I am gluten free and decided to bake my way through a book all about cakes that are FULL of gluten soooo I won’t be eating any of them. However, I have many people around me that will be eating them and giving me feedback on the recipe and how they enjoyed it.

Now, to give you some sort of food and some pictures of some food and for me to shut up….here’s some brittle!

For Christmas this year I decided to make all of the couples in my family and my fiancé’s family almond brittle and a mixed nut/spiced brittle. Boy….IT WAS A HIT!

I just used a simple recipe I found and altered several times through making it for several years. The same recipe I use at the restaurant, just altered to meet the needs of what I wanted for shelf life purposes. But, that spice blend I used was so mouth watering and delightful! I need to make that one again!

After making and cooling each flavor I broke it into pieces and packaged them up for the different couples.

Easy, from the heart, and affordable presents for all the couples!