Hi Mom!


So much pressure and anxiety went into that first post. The amount of times I went through, “that doesn’t even make sense!” “Ughhhh I’m so stupid, no one cares about that.”

I’ve heard so many times that the hardest part is starting…and goodness gracious are they right!

I put so much pressure on myself with that first post, thinking it needed to be perfect. Knowing that some day I would look back at it and be embarrassed at how silly I was. How terrible my editing was, how I spoke, how I take pictures, how I present myself. That’s life though! Ever go through your high school pictures!?!? I graduated 4 years ago even I look at those and think, “WHAT WERE YOU DOING?!”

Anywho. To the one person reading this in real time, HI MOM! I love you. Thank you for the support and everlasting love.

The new year is coming, so be ready for CAKE!